Intellectual Property Protection


Intellectual Property Strategy

  • Assist clients with strategic planning, development and  prosecution of their intellectual property portfolios to meet their business needs  
  • Identify potential intellectual property within clients' organization
  • Develop business strategies for pursuit of protection versus maintaining trade secrets
  • Refine internal controls for identification of technology to worthwhile of protection

Patent Application Preparation

  • Conversion of technical written invention disclosures into U.S. non-provisional and provisional and international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent applications
  • Conduct client interviews toward completing invention disclosures
  • Work with clients’ counsel to complete application requirements and meet deadlines

Patent Prosecution

  • Discuss applications with inventors in view of correspondence from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) 
  • Analyze asserted prior art
  • Prepare written responses to the USPTO
  • Conduct examiner interviews

Technology Specialty Areas

  • Wireless telecommunications
  • Digital and analog electronics and microprocessors
  • Imaging and display systems
  • Mobile telephony and data connectivity
  • Communications protocols
  • Antenna systems
  • Electro - Mechanical devices
  • Internet security and commerce
  • Document management systems
  • Computer software and hardware 
  • Mechanical Devices
  • Optical Systems
  • Business Methods

Expert Witness

Available as an expert witness in a technology area or in the patent process