Engineering Services


RF and Microwave Design Engineering

  • Requirements analysis and initial design of microwave components and multi-function microwave assemblies
  • System analysis and engineering recommendations
  • Detailed modelling and simulation of individual component performance and performance of signal chains.
  • Concept and Requirements Definition, Product Development, Formal Testing, Verification and Validation, Deployment and Sustainment Support 
  • Design reviews and critiques, and support for customer design reviews
  • Completion of design outputs, including detailed parts lists, schematic and assembly drawings, supporting documentation

Engineering Support Analysis

  • MTBF predictions using MIL-HDBK-217 standards, with design specific modifications for modern elements as appropriate
  • Reliability analysis of components and integrated signal chains
  • Space radiation susceptibility of components analysis

Market Focus

  • Microwave Components for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Communication Systems 
  • Satellite Communications Earth Station Converters 
  • Communication Systems Distortion Equalizers
  • Spacecraft Components 
  • RADAR Components 
  • UAV Microwave communication components and sub-systems