Electronics Technical Training


Courses and Seminars

  • Microwave Component Design
    • Transmission Lines and Scattering Parameters
    • Microwave Structures:  Power Divider / Combiner, Directional Coupler, Resonator
    • Microwave Filters
    • Microwave Control Devices:  Switch, Attenuator, Phase Shifter
    • Microwave Amplifiers:  Matching, Stability
    • Oscillators
    • Mixers
    • Frequency Multipliers
  • Electronics Communication System Design
    • Dynamic Range:  Noise, Compression, Inter-modulation Distortion and Third-Order Intercept
    • Applications of Devices:  Amplifiers, Oscillators, Mixers
    • Modulation:  Types, Effects and Considerations
    • Phase-Locked Loop Fundamentals
    • Multiple Access
    • Spread Spectrum Considerations
  • Satellite Communication Systems
    • Orbits and Orbital Mechanics
    • Signals and Modulations
    • Link Design and Link Budget
    • Noise Effects on Link Performance
    • Space Link Propagation Considerations
    • Earth Station Design and SatCom Link Architectures
    • Spacecraft Platform, Launch and Orbital Installation Basics
  • Electronic Circuit Fundamentals
    • Network analysis
    • Norton and Thevenin equivalent circuits
    • Power calculations
    • Digital Logic functions
  • Electromagnetic Fundamentals
    • Maxwell's equations
    • EM radiation and reflection concepts
    • TEM waves
    • Smith Chart for circuit analysis
    • Matching structures

Organization Specific

Courses and Seminars can be customized for specific organizations, audience backgrounds and time available