Successful Sample Projects


Components and Systems Engineering

  • Electronically variable delay line for a long-range, high power phased array RADAR
  • Low phase noise, precision, Ku-band up, down and integrated loop-back test converters for a satellite earth station
  • Switched tri-channel downconverter pre-amplifier multi-function assembly for a naval landing system
  • RF signal power divider for an extraterrestrial spacecraft landing system
  • Precisely controlled rise and fall time PIN diode switches for a pulse shaping application
  • Ku-Band High Power RF Signal Limiter
  • 1–18 GHz Comb Generator Frequency Multiplier
  • LO Frequency Multiplier
  • Bi-Phase Modulators
  • 27 GHz to 31 GHz Communications Band Signal Distribution Products
  • IQ Modulator, Signal Processing and Control Products
  • Second-Order Phase Distortion Equalizers
  • Fiber Optic Link Characterization
  • Selected special satellite earth station Upconverter and Downconverter systems projects
  • FM/FDM Airborne Telemetry Transmitter
  • S-Band Frequency Synthesizer
  • Very Low Phase Noise, Microwave Tunable Phase-Locked Loop Sources
  • Solid State Power Amplifiers
  • RF and microwave receiving systems
  • Airborne IF Processor System
  • Low Noise Phase-Locked Voltage Controlled Oscillators for satellite ground stations
  • High Stability Crystal Oscillators
  • RF and Video Amplifiers  

Microwave Signal Control

  • PIN diode based high power switches, high dynamic range attenuators and phase shifters
  • Microwave integrated assemblies
    • Operating frequencies from 5 MHz to 40 GHz 
    • RF input power from small signal to 3.5 kW
    • Switches with integrated couplers, amplifiers, filters and RF power detectors
  • Spaceflight components
    • Microwave switches
    • Precision amplifiers with integrated filters to 0.1 dB passband flatness
    • Tunnel diode detectors
    • RF power dividers
  • Other Devices
    • Electronically variable X-band delay line
    • 2–18 GHz airborne integrated receiver front end
    • Digitally controlled PIN diode attenuators and switches
    • High speed high dynamic range PIN diode products
    • Microwave filter design
    • High-power limiters

Wideband Converter Systems

  •   0.5 – 40 GHz RF Signal Input Wideband  Downconverters 
    • 500 MHz Bandwidths
    • 2 Hz Step Resolution 
    • Standard 19” Rack-Mount
    • Outdoor Weather-Sealed
  • Redundant Switchover Units 
  • Low Noise Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers with Fiber Optic Connectivity

Market Segments

  • Military Systems
    • Ground based
    • Airborne
    • Naval
    • Space Flight Platforms
  • Commercial Infrastructure
    • Ground Based and Satellite Interface
    • Airborne Connectivity

Modernization of Obsolete Microwave Assemblies

  • Analysis and evaluation of obsolete microwave components and assemblies
  • Updating of requirements and specifications
  • Coordination with systems integrator for minimal integration disruptions
  • Synthesis of complete design replacement utilizing modern techniques and materials